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Youth Desert Encounter: We are excited to be taking a group of 40 Israeli and Palestinian youth and youth leaders to the Negev desert this April 16-19. Pray for their safety, the relationships these youth will form, and for the time they will spend in the desert worshipping, learning from the story of the Good Samaritan, riding camels and learning to interact with each other

A Curriculum of Reconciliation: Thursday, April 10, we will be launching our Curriculum of Reconciliation in Arabic in Bethlehem. Our Curriculum of Reconciliation is a unique resource for intergroup conflict developed after 20 years’ experience in reconciliation. More than 10 local Palestinian organizations will gain exposure to our approach to reconciliation through this special event.   

Women’s Training: This past April 4-5, we held our spring national women’s conference.  Fifty-five women attended, and we were blessed to see many in our group use their talents among us.  For example, a few of our teachers were recently trained in teaching the Musalaha curriculum, and used these new skills to teach some of the sessions over the course of the weekend.  And countless others served each other, helping with registration, transportation and facilitation. This was a wonderful snapshot of what we seek to do at Musalaha – train people to serve each other.  The women received training in Remembering Rightly and Listening. The women also help a bazaar to help raise funds for children in need. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers. We hope to share with you a detailed report soon. 

Check out our other books in the link under resources: Journey Through the Storm: Musalaha and the Reconciliation Process and You Have Heard it Said

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Welcome to Musalaha’s website. May you share our vision to see reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians first among believers and then to those of interfaith communities as you browse through our pages. We hope that you will be informed and encouraged as you see the fruits of the work of Musalaha. Peace from Jerusalem! To see our introduction video, please click here       
The man who reached out to bless my father: The story of Joseph Ben-Eliezer
I recently wrote the forward to a book, which was translated into Arabic, about the life of Joseph Ben-Eliezer. This is a story that I have been asked to share many times. It is a story about an act of forgiveness and reconciliation. In his book, Ben-Eliezer, a Jewish follower of Jesus shares about his suffering at the hands of the Nazis during the horrifying events of World War II, his journey to the land and fighting in the war of 1948. His unit served in Lydda, where many atrocities were committed against the people of this town. Years later, Ben-Eliezer returned to the land to seek forgiveness from my father, Yacoub Munayer, a Palestinian from Lydda. These two men are no longer living with us today, but they are examples and role models for all of us. Their stories are not easy to tell because it speaks of the painful histories of our peoples in this land. Yet, at the same time their stories give a vision for the future, and hope and encouragement to those of us working in reconciliation.
I would like to honor both Joseph Ben-Eliezer and my father Yacoub Munayer by sharing with you the video Crossroads at Lod that Joseph Ben-Eliezer’s family has provided. May it be a blessing to all this coming Passover and Easter!
To view the short video clip about Joseph Ben-Eliezer and Yacoub Munayer: